The licensing system has been updated by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries ( LDWF ) to make it possible for people to renew their licenses before they expire. Before, permit buyers had to wait until their passport was no longer valid before renewing it.

Your license’s expire reset to 365 time after your registration.


Through our registration website, license holders may even sign up for license auto-renew. Without your having to do anything else, this feature will automatically refresh your passport when it expires.

For the majority of hunting and fishing certificates, auto-renew is attainable. With the help of this feature, you can store payment details in the system and choose to have your license( s ) automatically renewed each year. Users are reminded by LDWF that there is a$ 3.50 convenience fee associated with all online transactions, including auto-renewals.

You can choose which yearly permissions you want to automatically renew in your account. Using the information on your stored credit cards, LDWF will automatically renew your permissions at the purchase price plus the convenience fee. 30 days and 7 weeks before the renewal time, you will get a warning message.