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Terms & Conditions Continuous Ads with monthly billing: Simplify your ad management and free up time for other aspects of your business! Continuous ads are ideal for boosting awareness, generating new leads, and running evergreen promotions. With a daily budget, you’ll make an upfront payment for 31 days. Subsequently, your account will be automatically charged the same amount every 31 days, ensuring uninterrupted ad delivery. You can easily edit or cancel future charges whenever needed. Ads with a specific end date: This option is perfect for promoting time-sensitive deals, offers, or other messages. You’ll be charged upfront based on your daily budget multiplied by the number of days you set, or 31 days, whichever is less. If your ad campaign runs for more than 31 days, on the 32nd day, you’ll be charged the daily budget multiplied by the remaining days or 31 days, whichever is less. Once your ad campaign ends, any remaining funds can be utilized for your next ad.



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